Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i can read again!

It brings me so much joy to be able to read before bed!! I finished an entire book in two nights. Granted, it wasn't huge or super intense, but it was lovely & entertaining. Plus, it has recipes in it. What a great idea!! My wonderfully preggo buddy Heidi bought this book for me a while back - and I am only getting time to read it now. It's amazing how school has consumed my life outside of work for the most part...not long now though, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - thank the good Lord!

This book is called Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bond. It's about a girl who goes to Paris, meets a boy and wanders the Parisian market buying fun produce & meat to make fabulously French meals for her and her boy. Each chapter includes her French recipes in it which gets lots of points in my good books. I am going to try making her classic, authentic French Onion Soup one day. It's a happy, upbeat, cute love story that is a nice, light read.


  1. lets pick a recipe and make a french meal once i have a kitchen!!!!!! oooo!!! can we can we can we?

    1. YES!!! I would Love that with a capital L. I would love to make the french onion an appy?! And then a main and a dessert...obviously! (I can't think of any of the other recipes right now off the top of my head...but soooo many sounded so yummy!)

      PS - can we go to Paris for the ingredients? I'm sure baby would love it?