Thursday, August 2, 2012

lots to say!

First of all, I had an appointment with an advisor at school yesterday to confirm that I was just one course away from getting my degree. And I am! I was so excited. So, just one week of school left this semester and then ONE COURSE stands between me and that darn degree I've worked so hard for a bajillion years for. Hooray! 

I feel like I have a lot to say - nothing really too wild & crazy but just lots of fun things that I wanted to share. So, pull up a comfy chair and be prepared to click around and be entertained. I seriously sometimes feel like I could spend days just browsing the 'net! Does anyone else feel that way??

A blog that sets music to food.

My beautiful bellied friend Heidi.

Thoughts on making your work-life family balance better? 

Boston Pizza now has shrimp tacos! Love 'em.  

A fantastic job posting that all you lifeguards should apply for!! 

An interesting & scary read (via my mom)about how Chinese children are raised to be Olympians...

I am really excited about the City of Surrey revamped waste collection program (green, blue & black) that includes organic waste; read about it here or watch the video here!

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  1. One Course Left!!!! I am so excited for are so close :)

    xoxo, CD