Sunday, August 12, 2012

saturday fun day

Whew, I had quite the day yesterday. If you don't mind, I might just share about it!

First of all, we had a garage sale yesterday. Holy moly, they are a ton of work! The signs we put up said that our sale was 10 - 3 pm, because that gave us time to set up in the morning, but literally there were people in our driveway by 8:45am. In fact, there was a solid amount of people 8:45 - 10:45 am and then it was fairly quiet for the rest of the day. Apparently there are some very hardcore garage sale-rs in the area! It was productive though, we got rid of a lot of our old stuff to good homes, and anything else pretty much went to the dump. Pants & I have now made two giant trips there this weekend. I was sweaty, dusty, dirty, hot and exhausted by the end of the sale but it has made MUCH more space in our garage and shed which is great.

This isn't even the half of it...this was around 2 pm when we had sold a ton of stuff. Plus there is a giant load in Pant's truck (on the right!)

We wondered daily why on earth we have SO many toys when us "kids" are 27, 23 and 21....

HELLO from the dump!!

A well deserved beer for me, Pants and Daddio.

My mom and Emma "supervised" from the shaded front stairs

Our neighbor Lisa came down to see our garage sale & hang out for a bit, and so we sent her home with a scooter! Talk about 90's.

This is an instagrammed photo hence why it looks different, but this machine is absolutely enormous. It takes all the junk and crunches it up with that huge attachment on the end and shoves it all to one side of this big vat. I felt like a 4 year old getting excited about being at the dump, but it's pretty cool if you ask me!!

The adventures of Pant's new truck! Good thing he bought this...or I don't know how we would have gotten so much stuff to the dump?! haha

Then, I showered my aforementioned sweaty, dusty, dirty, hot and exhausted body and got ready for a my friend Melissa's stagette. We took a limo and went for dinner, drinks and dancing downtown which was incredibly fun. (talk about alliteration in that sentence!) We had dinner at Sanafir on Granville, which has a cool, trendy atmosphere - it has belly dancers on Saturdays and beds to sit on instead of tables. My sister, brother, Jessica, Lisa, Harman and a few other people ended up going downtown as well last night just for fun so we met up with them and had a giant party at Joseph Richard. I love a good girls night out on the town!

Gettin' in the limo to head downtown!
The bride & I!

Belly dancing lessons

Sleeping on the beds at Sanafir

Ham & I! (I miss her very much ever since she moved to glad she is back for this wedding!!!)

Lil' sis dancing the night away

Ham & Pants (good nicknames you two!)

Attempting to catch the last sky train home at 1:20am...didn't happen.

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  1. o i love the dump too! a big organized mess! it's amazing!