Thursday, August 9, 2012

The little things in life

Do you ever get stressed about such minor things in life? I do. All the time. And on top of that, I stress over bigger things too. I think I overthink things way too much sometimes. How do you stop though??

I feel less stressed as school starts winding down this semester. Look! I only have two unfinished assignments that haven't been crossed of my giant homework to-do list! In the month of July, I had so many things due that it was the equivalent of having something due every other day for the entire month.

The other thing that stresses me is the course I'm in this fall - a double credit practicum course. My school bestie
Harj did hers this semester so she is done school completely now (jealous!!) but I'm a little sad we couldn't finish and graduate together. But I am so very proud of her nonetheless!!! This practicum course just seems quite daunting and I'm a little scared... I'm sure it'll be fine in the end, but just overwhelming right now.

And then this evening, I went to Boston Pizza with my wonderful siblings and Jessica. I love them! They sure know how to make me laugh, that's for sure! How is it that me and my siblings can hang out SO much and never get sick of each other?! I am very lucky to have them. At BP we had Mexican Bulldog drinks - a margarita with a Corona in it! So delicious! I definitely recommend it.

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