Friday, August 10, 2012

things i like around the 'net today

A few fun/interesting things coming to you from your friendly neighborhood internet!

1. He's gotten a lot of media due to his prosthetic legs, read more about Oscar Pistorius who was born without fibulas in both his legs.

2. 5 reasons people unfollow you on Twitter...

3. 10 tricks for a FABULOUS workday!

4. Hilarious! What if every photo was photographed like beach volleyball?! (seen via this blog)

5. My fave new song by Connor Maynard - Can't Say No. 

6. I MUCH prefer to email over phone call. The pure reason is the ease. This article discusses the differences between them & also discusses the phenomenon of "Inbox Zero" which I love. It is always my constant battle at work to reduce the amount of emails in my Outlook!

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