Monday, September 3, 2012

10 years.

Can you believe I have been working at the Tong Louie Family YMCA for 10 years as of this September?? Where has the time gone?! I was just a young, high schooler back then and had no idea where 10 years from then would take me. Now, I am 27 years old and still have no idea where the next 10 years will take me!

I was SO excited to get this job as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor at the YMCA.  I remember I was working at a summer camp (Timberline Ranch!) and my mom drove all the way out to Maple Ridge to come get me so I could go to the interview in South Surrey. I showered, put on a black skirt and blue tank top (it was insanely hot that August) and did the interview. My mom dropped me back off at camp where I proceeded to take my campers canoeing and fall in the river,  which was more like a ditch. It was quite the day for me!

I have come a long way from when I started there, from part-time lifeguard/swim instructor then to full-time Aquatic Director now, but it still holds the same spot in my heart! I've had such good times there that I don't know how I could ever leave.

I have learned a lot over the past ten years, including a lot of hugely valuable work experience from being at the Y.  So, what have I learned & what have I been up to?!
  •  I have made a TON of friends in the past ten years. Not just acquaintances either. Truly great, amazing, fun and caring friends who make my life a lot of excitement. For example, Nicole & I were hired at the same time at the YMCA,  my book club girls are pretty much all YMCA-related...I could go on with many, many more! 
  • As of this December, I will have gotten a degree - well, here's to hoping I pass this one last class! I have been in school part-time for the majority, some semesters full-time, and it's been a long seven years in the making. I will not elaborate much further, because believe me, I am sure you will hear from me in December when I am done school officially!! 
  • I have hung out with my family a LOT. We like to laugh, chat about our days, eat and have fun.
  • I've cooked a lot: yellow daal, spanakopita, classy chicken casserole, bruschetta...
  • I've read lots of good books, even just this great one recently
  • I've gone on a few excessively fun trips with even funner people: Vegas, Toronto, Hawaii, Arizona...
I am sure there is much, much more that I could go into detail about but I will pause there and just say that to sum it all up, I have had some great experiences in the past 10 years! Life is definitely an adventure and it's always exciting to see where it takes you...I guess the next question is where do I want to be in the next 10 years?! I will just have to continue working on my dear bucket list :)

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