Thursday, September 13, 2012

65 years

Last night we celebrated my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary with a lovely dinner at the Vancouver Golf Club. Can you imagine being married for 65 years?! Incredible - 65 years, 4 children, 9 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild and one more great-grandchild on the way; they are a great example of where I would love to be after 65 years, that's for sure.

My grandpa put so much effort into organizing this event and spent a lot of time making sure everyone was having fun. Such a social butterfly he is - maybe that's where I got my social skills from! Everything turned out so well and everyone had a blast. There was family, friends, neighbors and past co-workers there. Even my grandma's two flower girls were there!! So cute.

Dinner at the golf club (where my grandpa has been a member for practically forever!) is ALWAYS amazing. There was a creamy pesto pasta, vegetable ratatouille and a salmon that was to die for. Oh and foccacia bread with oil & vinegar. And caeser salad. I'm such a sucker for a good caeser salad. YUM. We have been there lots of times for dinner (and lunch; and breakfast!) and it's always delicious. My parents got married there 30 some odd years ago and I think it's just a special place in my heart that I associate with fun family times. I'd love to get married there some day!!

My cousin Gina & I. People were talking about how alike we look! (my mom & her dad are siblings)

My sister & our grandma

The pretty centerpieces that my Aunty Josie spent a lot of time on (those and chair covers!)

Me, my cousin Kristen and sister

My mom mingling

Here he is, being his chatty self with his buddies!

My mom, sister and grandma. I'm sad I wasn't in this photo!

My grandparents :)

The dixieland band that played! They were fantastic, entertaining and super upbeat. I really enjoyed them!

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  1. aww! so so sweet! happy anniversary G&G Bradley!