Saturday, September 22, 2012

a carb-free weekend.

I have taken it upon myself to stop eating carbohydrates. Don't worry, it's just for the weekend, so it's super short-term! I just wanted to see if I could actually do it, and I knew it would exponentially increase my vegetable and fruit intake. I figured I would do the weekend simply because it's a feasible amount of time. I have been freaking out about health issues lately - mainly my stupid swollen feet/ankles/legs that hasn't gone away since May. I think that because I don't eat meat, the amount of carbohydrates I consume ends up being higher than most, which is obviously not healthy. So, this is my solution: to cut certain out things separately and see what helps! Oh, and I am only not eating what I call "intentional carbs" this weekend - meaning no starchy things like pasta, bread, rice or potatoes. So anything else with carbohydrates in it I will still eat such as peanut butter, eggs, yogurt, fruit etc.

By not eating meat, and removing carbohydrates from my diet proves quite challenging finding things to eat! Yesterday (Friday) I literally just ate a bunch vegetables for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. It was good, and it's a good thing I love vegetables, but how long can that go on?! Sometimes I think about how much more variety eating meat would give my diet. I do eat seafood, however I recently discovered that shrimp and prawns are super duper high in cholesterol which sucks. Morally/ethically I don't love the idea however the confused question naturally comes up of "Why can you eat seafood but not meat?!" I don't know. I just like it. (is my answer)

I have made two carbohydrate free meals for dinner the past two days and they have been pretty good! Plus, quite healthy so I've been happy with myself. Here is what I have made! It's a good thing I enjoy cooking - these meals both take quite the prep work sadly.

Does anyone have any fabulous carb-free recipes they love that they would like to share with me?! Please do! 

1. Spaghetti squash with "fake meat" spaghetti sauce: I remember this prego's momma used to make this for dinner and I have been wanting to make it for forever; I just never got around to it. Basically you roast the squash and it turns out like noodles once cooked! Then, I bought Yves ground round (aka fake meat!) and put that and a whole ton of chopped up veggies in tomato sauce. The squash definitely doesn't taste like pasta, but I think it's a good, healthy alternative.

Roasted spaghetti squashes (it squashes a word? is squash already plural?!)

You scrape the insides out with a fork and they make noodles - see?

my bowl of "pasta"...

...topped off with a hearty sauce!

2. Zucchini Pizza Crust & Cauliflower Crust: JC used to make this zucchini crust pizza almost on a daily basis, so I thought I'd give it a go. It literally is shredded zucchini made into a crust. Since my sister isn't a zucchini fan, I ALSO made cauliflower crust pizza for her! They both turned out fine and decently tasty, but let me tell you, my arm is SO sore from grating all afternoon! I grated so much cauliflower and zucchini it's not even funny. The prep work for this darn pizza FAR outweighs its worth. Anywho, it's tricky to call this pizza because it's really not. That would be totally fooling someone to call it pizza! It's more of a casserole type layered thing. The zucchini one was difficult because it was so watery - I had troubles removing the moisture before cooking it so I thought it would be ok, but I would recommend ensuring it's super dry before baking the crust.

Zucchini crust up close, cauliflower crust behind. This is pre-baking them. Its literally just the vegetable, an egg, some flour and spices. That's it! Then you bake it for a while. Make sure the zucchini one isn't too thick! (another problem I also had)

This cauliflower 'crust' turned out better than the zucchini one in my opinion. Except, one head of cauliflower didn't make very much. Oh well, MORE grating next time...

This is the final zucchini pizza product - once the crust is baked, you top it with tomoto sauce, your fave toppings and of course, CHEESE!    


    Good broccoli salad and you can skip the bacon.
    Her blog has some other recipes, and she is paleo.

    1. Thanks aunt! I'll check it out. I love recipe blogs!!