Saturday, September 29, 2012

a photo post...

My crazy little sister did Tough Mudder today in Seattle with some of her friends...she finished it!! So proud of her! I couldn't do it if my life depended on it. Seriously.

Happy birthday to my dear friend Christy-Dawn! (it was yesterday) Love you long time! (photo from her wedding 2 years ago)

I bought myself a gift by the name of Michael Kors...

...because I got this! A new job at the Langara Family YMCA as the Program Manager. I am super excited about it, but also sad to leave all my friends at co-workers at my current YMCA! It will be a great experience for me overall though... just a big change!
And the above resulted in these pretty flowers from my lovely sis :)
this is my cousin Bailey who I am hanging out with for the next week while his mom & dad go on a cruise. Jealous!

Oh, and did you know today was National LSAT Test Prep Day?! I wrote a practice LSAT today at SFU Burnaby, just for "fun" to see how I would do. Mitch & I did it together; he is for real going into law and writing his actual LSAT next week!! It was a good experience; and I am super curious to see how I did, especially considering I did no prep work for this test whatsoever.  Law is something I would LOVE to go into, however I really don't know that I have the grades or the drive to do law school...we'll see! Want to try a sample LSAT??

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  1. yippee for new jobs!!! so proud! :) and practice LSAT? are you already going through study withdrawal? curious to know how u do!! smashing of course!