Monday, September 17, 2012

blueberry oat pecan muffins

Since we have a plethora of blueberries these days courtesy of my friend Raj who has a blueberry farm, I thought I would attempt muffin making. Please note, I like to cook, not bake. Baking is just far too precise for me. Cooking you can adjust, add, remove, change or do whatever you like whereas if you did that with baking, you would be hooped!

I tried searching for a healthy blueberry muffin with oats and pecans, and voila! I found a recipe online. They turned out ok; a little on the moist side but that might just be because I wanted lots of berries in them. They definitely taste healthy, but not too healthy. Not bad overall I'd say!


  1. I want one ! They look so good. I miss blueberries :(

    1. JC!! Blueberries said they miss you too. Come over and I will gladly have a muffin ready for you!! ;) xoxo