Tuesday, September 25, 2012

chana masala

My carb-free diet has been relatively successful. My goal was Friday to Sunday (3 days) of which I would give myself  a grade of 92%. I ate some popcorn at the movie theater on Saturday (remember, I am just avoiding the 'bad carbs' ie: bread, pasta etc.) and then on Sunday I ate about 12 - 15 tortilla chips with spinach dip. Not too bad, in my opinion, considering the amount of carbohydrates I would normally eat in 3 days!!

I have decided to continue on with my carb-free-ness. Kind of. Not 100% carb-free, just majorly carb-reduced. I still haven't eaten a piece of bread or had pasta since last Thursday; I did eat some rice on Monday with the Indian dish I made for dinner. I also had the same thing for lunch today. (love leftovers!)

This chana masala dish (sometimes also called chole - pronounced 'sho-lay') is a delicious, flavorful, spicy Indian chick pea dish. I also added some cauliflower (gobi) to it when I made it to make it a little more exciting. Chick peas do have carbohydrates in them, however they also have a lot of fiber and protein which is good. This was a hit between my dad & sis!! My mom is a super picky eater (she loves cereal) and my brother has been sick lately and has simply not been eating (he has issues). I would recommend this to add some spice in your life!! I also recommend to load it up with cilantro. Mmmmm...I could eat cilantro by the bunch.

This dish isn't too challenging to make; it does require some spices that you may not necessarily have on hand though, depending. You could also add other vegetables to it if desired, or chicken even!

my chana masala & rice

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  1. Hey, so I tried this recipe which I loved. Found it on this blog http://www.delightedmomma.com/2011/11/skinny-mashed-potatoes.html
    Michael really liked them and would have believed them to be potatoes if the cauliflower didn't jam in the blender!
    Not a big fan of cauliflower, so will definitely do this again!