Sunday, September 16, 2012

rockin' the orange

Yesterday a bunch of us from work went to the BC Lions game. The YMCA & the BC Lions have a partnership where they give the YMCA $10 from each ticket so it was for a good cause. Let me tell you, however, football games are soooo long and soooo not exciting to me...I try, I really do, it's just not my thing. At all. Anywho, it was fun because there were a bunch of us there.

Front Row: Lil sis, Harman, Pants & Jeevan  Back Row: Taryn & Adam

Moi, Jessica & lil sis

Jeevan, Harman & Pants being silly boys with bibs

Aunty Coralee, my poppa & Uncle Michael


Not surprising, Pants found the cheerleaders...

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