Monday, September 17, 2012

seven layer tortilla pie

Boy, I have had quite the productive day today! I woke up at 8 am (since I am old I cannot sleep in anymore), baked blueberry muffins (see post below!), cleaned the bathroom, did several loads of laundry (mine and my siblings!), drove my brother to his car (it had a sleepover at a friends), emptied the dishwasher & reloaded it, started some homework (I have like 3 papers due Friday) and then I went to the store to buy ingredients to make dinner! Whew. Now that I list it all it doesn't sound like that much?! It felt like a lot. I digress...

I made this seven layer tortilla pie and it was a hit! My mom used to make it a lot back in the day but I couldn't find the same recipe she used to use. So, I googled one and I only made a few small changes from the recipe. Essentially you alternate the two layers of mixture with tortilla shells, and each layer gets salsa & cheese as well. I also added a bit of taco seasoning on a few layers for some extra flavor. I like this dish because you could make it in a lot of varieties - add chicken, add ground beef, add other veggies (I debated spinach but decided against it for fear of the unknown) or switch up the types of beans you use. Even refried beans would be great in this!

These pictures aren't actually all that 'flattering' for my lovely dinner, however this is all I have!!

This is the mixture for one of the layers - mashed white kidney beans, salsa & garlic. I added chopped onion & green pepper.

This is the other layer - diced tomatoes, black beans & cilantro. I added corn after this picture was taken as a last minute decision. 

The final product - it's challenging because you make it in a casserole dish but then it's difficult to cut. So, I lined the dish with foil and then just lifted the entire thing onto a plate which worked well. However, I can see this dish potentially getting a bit watery if you don't drain all the beans etc. so that would be tricky.

The final product - a falling over slice of seven layer tortilla pie! Serve with rice, salsa & sour cream. And hot sauce, of course!


  1. Please send to celebrity summit. Room 2362. Hungry :D merci

    1. HAHAHAHA! love it ;) I'll get right on that! xo