Monday, October 1, 2012

baby bogue

I previously blogged about Marissa Mayer, the newest CEO of Yahoo (and the youngest CEO of any Fortune 500 company) who just had a little baby boy! According to the Globe and Mail, she just had him this past Sunday and is looking at going back to work within the week.  The article said she "will be working remotely and is planning to return to the office as soon as possible, likely in one-to-two weeks".

Do we think she is:

A) Crazy
B) Business-savvy
C) Able to balance work-life very well

A preggo Marissa (from
Hmm...this is just quite a wild concept to me considering most people I know take the majority of their maternity leave or the full leave. I guess when you have a huge corporation at stake you have to do whatever it takes to keep it running? Maybe her husband is staying home with the baby? (FYI - her husband was a lawyer now turned capitalist)

She really intrigues me a lot so I thought I would share this bit of wisdom. Another factoid: the baby doesn't have a name yet!! Find out how they are naming him here...

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