Friday, October 5, 2012

Be'wiched Cafe

Eliza introduced me to a great lunch place near the Y called Be'wiched Cafe. It's on Hwy 10 & 152, right in between Browns and Big Ridge in an office building. They are open 7am-4pm.

They have a daily soup, paninis, sandwiches, salads and they are ALL so good! Eliza and I went TWICE this past week that's how yummy it is. Everything is very fresh; they make it all right there in house. They are two sweet ladies who run it & it's reasonably priced. The caeser salad is amazingly garlicky, and the quinoa salad with corn & black beans was so fresh & herby! (Both are pictured below) They also have breakfast so that's going to be what we try next. For lunch, they also have spanakopita, which I love but have yet to try also.

Follow them on Twitter to see their soups of the day: @BewichedCafe

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