Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Oh budgets, doesn't everyone love them?? (haha, that is sarcasm...)

It's budget time of year at work, so budgets are on my brain. We are working on the 2013 budget, so I've decided to create my personal 2013 (and remainder of 2012) budget. I feel that it is good timing for me to create a budget with a new job (and accompanying new salary) coming soon so that is what I did. My friend Amanda helped me, so I didn't do it entirely on my own, but I am excited & hopeful that I can stick to it since it's realistic and feasible. Money has not typically been a personal strength of mine when it comes to my own finances... but I'd like to turn that ship around!

I just get stuck with the part of how to keep track of spending? Do I use cash only and write it all down? Do I only use debit or credit so that I can electronically see my spending? Is there an app I can download?! Amanda used cash only and paper clips in her wallet for a while to separate food cash from entertainment cash from gift cash etc. and it actually worked quite well for her! Any other ideas for me to stick with this?!


  1. I don't have a budget...but I do track all of our spending. We try to pay for as much as we can with credit cards so that 1) we get points to redeem, and 2) all of our spending is done through one means of payment. When I get my statement I enter the amounts on a spreadsheet, under the appropriate category (food vs. entertainment etc). Definitely helps me see where our money is coming/going! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Laura! That actually is really helpful...I am kind of leaning towards doing everything on debit because like you said, its easy to track. I don't think I will do credit because I can see myself easily going down the track of spending money I don't actually have!!

      I will keep you posted :)

      Thanks again!