Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lots of fun things happening in Shannon-land: my new buddy Jack, my new job at the Langara YMCA, school semester is half way done (YAY!), my friend Eliza was visiting from Taiwan, my friend Amanda's birthday was last weekend and my lovely work friends are planning fun going away parties coming up this weekend!

Amanda with her birthday cake that Eliza made her (that's my hand there ready to catch it if it fell...!)

I went to birthday dinner for Amanda at her Oma's house - this is Amanda (right), her Oma (middle), and her Aunt Susie

This is my new reality: brake lights and pouring rain on the freeway

Our backyard is quite a disaster currently with roof parts as it's getting replaced

The lovely yellow bin on the driveway (matches my dads truck!)

This giraffe made for a lovely day at work: he hasn't worked for SERIOUSLY probably 5 years. And as of today, HE DOES!! Hooray.

Baby Jack is home from the hospital now!

Momma Heidi & baby Jack - love their little family!


  1. I leave and you get the giraffe fixed? I am so coming to play with that when I come visit hahah

    1. Oh man Ham...that giraffe has taken over FIVE YEARS to fix!! Wild hey. And, it got fixed the day before I was done working there. Go figure.