Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sit back & read...

Into stocks? Here are six stocks that will raise their dividences in the next five months! (Mom - Fortis is on it!)

12 ways to make today more enjoyable (love this article!!)

Today's "awesome thing": hanging your hand out of a car window (so true - I love doing this on a sunny day)

A stunning reception venue (sadly, no idea where this is)

The smoking slipper is the trendy new shoe...I kinda like 'em! (my favorite from this site is #6 - of course the most expensive pair there)

Maple butter roasted acorn squash (oh how I love fall squash time!!)

A food review on SFU cafe!

OMG! Flourless low-carb bagel recipe!! 

This is what my sister thinks Emma our puppy should be for Halloween: