Monday, October 8, 2012

{thanks} {giving}

Always lovely to have a long weekend with good family & good food! We had a turkey dinner that my momma made last night with  my grandparents and it was lovely. My momma did it all herself (with the exception of my dad doing the turkey) since all three of us kiddies were busy before dinner. Normally I get stuck peeling potatoes... darn! How I missed that...!

Can I tell you just how much I love stuffing? Oh so much. ALMOST as much as I love my grandmas pumpkin pie.

Also fun & yummy were the leftovers dinner tonight with the 5 of us. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for, but the 'typical' things weren't allowed. We decided that it was a given that were all thankful for friends, family etc... For example, I was thankful for lululemon pants (because seriously, what would I wear if it weren't for them?!) and my brother was thankful for unicorns and dragons (long story/inside joke involving my mother thinking those were both once actual things...)

My poppa has perfected his turkey cooking method now. He brines it overnight prior to cooking and apparently it makes for quite a nice moist turkey!

My grandma's homemade apple & pumpkin pies. TO DIE FOR.

And just so you know, the most recent book I'm reading. It's for school but it's actually quite interesting/beneficial & applicable to "real life".

PS - In case you want to reminisce, read about Thanksgiving 2011.

PPS - 12 recipes for delicious turkey dinner sides via the Globe & Mail

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