Sunday, October 28, 2012

this weekend

Downtown for dinner Saturday night
Oh how the weekends bring so much fun but so much busy-ness! My schedule was a little crazy this week (as it is next week) between work and school so that is always fun to juggle...but regardless it was lots of fun and I still managed to be productive with writing papers, creating presentations, planning a Halloween event for work, celebrate Halloween myself and celebrate my friend Dave's birthday. Below, a few photos in no particular order...but not to fear, I only wore the bunny ears one night. (Friday)

me, Harj & Dave (believe me, I am not a fan of Halloween...but we HAD to dress up so this is what Harj & I came up with!)

did you know bunnies could drive??

This would be an entire shopping cart full of pumpkins at Safeway. We started to run low at the event I planned at work so I had to go out to buy more! (it was an adventure going to Safeway at Oakridge mall by myself...)

Happy bunnies!

my new fave snack.

Coolest siblings ever!! I seriously think we spent all weekend together.

Ferf & a smurf!


We went to the Italian Kitchen downtown last night for Dave's birthday - I had the gnocchi & it was to die for.

Freddie Mercury, lil' sis & Dave.

I think this is an artistic photo of Harj & iPhone photography skills!

And my car loaded up with pumpkins. Happy Halloween!!

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