Wednesday, November 21, 2012

au revoir mes amis!

My fun adventure starts bright & early tomorrow! Our flight leaves at 11 am and we get into Miami at 11 pm - long day of flying however it will be worth it when it is lovely & warm stepping off that plane. Here is where I will be for the next two weeks:

I am just going to start packing now since I am have been consumed solely with work & finishing the huge school project. I am going to go hand it in at 6 pm - YAY! (it's done - just needs to be submitted) Check out how giant it is: (the report is 110 pages & there is about 220 worth of appendices)

This will get submitted, then I present it on December 6th & 7th and then I will officially be DONE school and have a degree. Wild. 

I am going to try to blog whilst away a little bit, since it's a fun way to recount what I did for my own personal sake, but also put to up photos for you lovely folks! Remember when my family was in Hawaii for Christmas and I blogged? That was fun!!

Until soon, farewell!

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