Saturday, November 3, 2012

gnocchi fail.

Have you ever had gnocchi? The little balls of succulent potato pasta that you order at a fancy Italian restaurant? The ones that make your mouth water and turn you into an awe-inspired chef to say "I want to make these!"? Well, I did. I had them last week and fell in love.

Naturally I wanted to make them and spent forever reading recipe after recipe after recipe. And that wasn't including the creamy pesto sauce I wanted to make to go on top - that required FURTHER recipe investigation. I wasn't as concerned about the sauce, but you get my point here...

I figured gnocchi couldn't be thaaaat hard; it's essentially mashed potatoes and some flour. WRONG! It's a TON of work and NOT easy at all. Needless to say, mine turned out more like mashed potatoes. They didn't taste bad, they just didn't taste at all like my delicious gnocchi from the Italian Kitchen I had last week. I was happy that I did try them, because it's always fun to make something new, but it definitely won't be happening again. Unless I have an Italian sidekick...

The creamy pesto sauce was super yummy & flavorful. I would totally make that again with just regular pasta. It was blended basil, pine nuts, salt & pepper, olive oil and garlic; then I heated it on the stove and added a bit of cream and parmesan cheese. 

Oh well, you live and you learn!!! 

This was my dinner - "gnocchi" with creamy pesto sauce and roasted roma tomatoes; spinach salad with feta, apples, red onions, red peppers and a balsamic glaze. The salad was great!! (haha)

...what REAL gnocchi should look like...

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