Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jack's birthday party

Why don't they call baby showers birthday parties?! That's what it is! I am going to start that trend...

Today we had a lil' birthday party for Mr. Jack Rietkerk. He is officially five weeks old tomorrow and also officially insanely cute. It was really fun to see some gals from high school that I haven't seen in forever but love to hang out with it; plus there were babies galore which is totally up my alley. Jack has lots of ladies who love him already! :)

Lindsey, Alicia, Sara, Christina, Dana & Linday in front

Heidi's friend Jocelyn made these - not only were they adorable but SO GOOD. (sugar cookies!)

Champagne flutes on my new gold serving tray that I'm in love with - it makes everything seem fancy!

Heidi & Lindsay

Sara & baby Jack (man of the hour)

I had these caprese bites at a party a few weeks ago and was dying to try them. They are just boccincini cheese, a piece of basil and a cherry tomato on a toothpick! So yummy. There's some green olives in there too since I've learned to love them.


Heidi & her school friends: Jocelyn & baby Kennedy, Lani, Hope, Heidi & Jack

Lindsay & Lindsey with Jack


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  1. good idea with the new trend- waaaay cooler than shower! i'm on board.
    best birthday ever! xo