Monday, December 24, 2012

around the web

Since we got home this morning around 11 am after not sleeping last night, I slept for a solid 7 hours during the day today which means I am not tired now. So, here I am, hangin' out online! A few fun things to read & check out:

A peanut brittle recipe that looks yummy. My Opa used to make peanut brittle all the time, which I loved.

President Obama, on Gangnam Style

I think Operation Red Nose  is such a great idea

The 10 best business books of the year according to the Globe and Mail (I haven't read any!! Better get started!)

I just got LinkedIn - not sure what to do next though; any tips?!

Shorter med school?

Celebrity holiday recipes (Fried stuffing bites?! Yes please!)

An inspiring business story of Homeboy Industries  (a long read, but a great story!!)

And just for good measure to wrap this up - something to keep in mind courtesy of Pinterest:

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