Sunday, December 30, 2012

I love productive days, especially when they involve cleaning! My day today involved sleeping in and not waking up to an alarm (best feeling EVER), washing my car inside & out in the glorious sunshine, putting oil in my car, doing two loads of laundry, cleaning my room, getting my nails done, doing some errands to buy random things I needed, making fajitas for dinner and finishing it all up with a little nap.

My dad & I were looking up sizes of Vegas hotels the other day and I was absolutely floored at the amount of rooms they have. The biggest is the MGM Grand, with 5,044 rooms; the Luxor has 4,405 (I stayed there the first time I went to Vegas). New York New York has 2,023; Monte Carlo (where we just stayed) has 3,106. The Wynn & Encore have 4,750 combined - definitely the nicest hotel I've stayed in there!

The sheer size of ONE of these hotels is amazing to me; and there must be at least 30 hotels on the strip with an average of 2,500 rooms each. That's roughly 75,000 rooms!!! How on earth would that many rooms ever be filled?! The volume and money that goes into Vegas really flabbergasts me. It's such a fascinating place! There are a bunch of cool concerts & events happening for New Years tomorrow there; anyone up for a last minute adventure?! :)

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