Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry merry

Who doesn't love Christmas? Everyone is so cheery today and it's a day to relax and spend time with good people. I hope everyone had just as lovely of a day as I did hangin' with their friends and family.

I woke up to my mom jumping on my bed, opened some fantastic presents, ate a delicious breakfast (more info to come!), played some more Scrabble (we already played a few rounds last night - apparently having a degree does not make you win much to my dismay), visited with Grandma & Grandpa, ate a yummy dinner with them made by my momma and then saw the movie 'Jack Reacher' with my bro & sis. It was pretty entertaining if you like an action-shoot-em-up type movie!

(apparently I didn't take as many photos as I thought I did today - more to come later from my dad's ever clicking camera!) 

My new Kiel James Patrick bracelet that I am in love with! (amongst many things I received from Santa that I'm in love with)

Emma got a new toy that she immediately ripped up (see lips in front...)

Breakfast mimosas!

Breakfast: cinnamon buns & wife saver Both are part of a Spier Christmas morning tradition - wife saver is a breakfast casserole essentially that is SO good! Click on the pink 'wife saver' above for the recipe. My momma normally makes it but I made it this year - and I think it passed the family test of being ok & edible! (thankfully)

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