Saturday, December 8, 2012

miami & the caribbean

Oh my gosh - I don't even know where to start on this trip!! It was an insane amount of fun with a big group of us. It made for some challenges when making decisions about what to do for the day, but we always met up at night for dinner & dancing regardless of anything else. We danced our little feet off this trip!! (probably a good thing considering the amount of food available on the ship...) 

The weather was decent for the most part; except for some rain in a few ports but we made the best of it. I am not as tanned as I would have liked to be, but oh well! C'est la vie - the fun far outweighed the tanning capabilities.

In terms of who was all on this trip, Kristina is a good friend who moved to Toronto about three years ago, so this was super exciting for all of us to hang out with her for two weeks! Erin is a good friend of hers from Toronto as well, who is super duper fun, and Kristina's husband Chris was there as well. It was Lisa's 40th birthday so that was the premise of this trip; her cousin Donna came as well as her friends Selema, Yasmin and Danielle. Then of course, me, Amanda & JC were there livin' it up!

I will just upload a select amount of photos as that's probably the most fun rather than reading about it. We were in Miami for four days, the Caribbean cruise for seven days and then Miami for one last night.

The view from the pool deck at our hotel in South Beach - we saw lots of cruise ships go by!

Laying in the sand at South Beach

Photo shoot on the beach with JC

The gorgeous lobby at the Fontainebleau where we had a lovely (also expensive!) dinner for Lisa's 40th birthday!!

We had no idea that the club we ended up at had live entertainment - dancers on the bar! Totally recommend Mangos next time you are in South Beach.

Aaaand we are on the ship! This is where you could typically find us - with a drink in hand on the pool dance floor (L-R: Amanda, JC, me, Erin & Kristina)

Amanda, me & JC

The view of Miami while leaving on the ship

Erin & I went for a swim

Stop 1: The Bahamas! (Lisa)

Me, Amanda, Erin & JC playing in the water in the Bahamas

Bahamian liquor store - pretty ghetto

Erin, Amanda, Kristina & JC doing one of the many dances we learned while away: the cha cha slide, mississipi mudslide, the wobble...

Lisa, me & Amanda on Lisa's balcony (we were not so fortunate to have a balcony in our room so we hung out on hers!!)

JC & I on formal night

Amanda & Lisa on formal night

All the ladies: Erin, Kristina, Amanda, me, JC, Donna (front), Danielle & Lisa

Stop 2: Dominican Republic!(Erin, Kristina, Donna, me, Amanda & JC)

At the beach in the Dominican - so gorgeous! Probably my favorite location we stopped at

In the Dominican - Pharmacia Jenny!

This was our cooler on the beach in the Dominican - ice in a cardboard box holding our beer & coconuts

Lisa on the beach & plantains on the beach was SO GOOD

Chris, JC & I playing in the sand

Amanda, our server & me! (he was so great & SUCH a good dancer)

Kristina, me, JC & Amanda singing Britney Spears kareoke style - I missed the blue memo apparently...

Stop 3: Puerto Rico!

Leaving Puerto Rico - Chris & I just wandered around old San Juan and had lunch while the others went on a jungle hike.

Pool dance floor

Erin doing magic tricks for another one of our servers

Stop 4: Grand Turk - doing jello shots at Margaritaville (Kristina, Selemna, Yasmin, Amanda, Danielle, Donna & Lisa in front)

Can you tell how ridiculously rainy it is in Grand Turk?? All we did was hang out at Margaritaville...still fun but we didn't have fun in the sun, that's for sure

We needed ponchos that's how rainy it was...

Lisa, JC & Erin on the beach in the rain

Our cute little hotel room on the water our last night in Miami - the Shelborne


  1. So much fun!!! Pretty much what I expected from you girls ;) Can't wait for the stories!

    1. Thanks for your comments 'Liza!! It was definitely a typical trip of ours...we will have to share some stores for sure :) Can't wait til you come home TODAY! YAY! xo