Thursday, December 27, 2012

turkey soup

Coming from a vegetarian, this recipe was not an easy one to stomach. However, I was determined to make turkey soup from scratch with the bones from the Christmas turkey like my Opa used to, so I did it. Caution: the photos are a little gross below but I figure if I saw it, you all need to too!! (haha)

It was quite a process (apparently all the soups I choose to make are time intensive) as the stock takes a few hours to cook and then you make the actual soup after that. I tell ya, spending that much time on soup you don't even eat yourself is quite ironic! I really enjoy cooking though so it didn't bother me. I think my family quite enjoyed it and I think my Opa would have been very proud as he was quite the soup cooker.  He was a great cook all around, but his soups were to die for.  He used to make a different kind every Sunday: minestrone, cream of leek, chicken noodle, cream of name it and he used to make it! They were always so good and so full of flavor. I hope he's still cookin' away up in heaven like he liked to!

This is the recipe I used to make the soup, but soup in general is fairly easy to guesstimate with measurements etc. so I didn't follow it exactly. I used potatoes instead of noodles for the starch, and I didn't add any tomatoes since we didn't have any. 

Did anyone else make anything exciting with their turkey leftovers?! I talked to someone who made turkey pot pies with theirs!

Parsley from my garden in the backyard!

Making stock...

Sorry - is this too gross for my blog?! The bones didn't even fit in the pot so I just kept rotating it - creative soup making at its finest!

The final product (soup is hard to get a good photo of...)

Last but not least, my new runners from Santa that I love (you need sunglasses to look at them in person!) Thanks Santa!

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