Monday, December 24, 2012


Pants & I decided a few months ago that for little sisters 21st birthday we would take her on a surprise trip to Vegas. She thought we were going to Seattle for a few days, and that she could sleep in on the Thursday that we were leaving, but instead we woke her up at 4:30 am (by shaking her awake and playing music! haha!) and told her we had a flight to catch! She was half asleep but I think quite surprised nonetheless... it was seriously the hardest secret I have ever kept in my entire life!!! I don't keep a lot of secrets from her and this was so difficult since we were so excited to surprise her - totally worth it! She didn't know who was coming either so we just got her in the car and started driving to pick up three more people: Ashley, Dave & Jessica. The 6 of us packed into Pant's truck and headed down!

Our flight left at 9 am Thursday morning from Bellingham, which was nice because we got to Vegas early in the day. We stayed at the Monte Carlo which was decently priced and quite central on the strip which was important to us given the amount of walking you end up doing there.

We shopped, ate, drank, danced, walked, laughed and had SUCH a good time!! Of course, photos are the best story tellers so here some for you. Alas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SIS!!! Love you lots :)

We may have had a shot and a few drinks while waiting for our flight to Vegas at 7 am... Did you know there is a Browns in the Bellingham airport?! Yum.

Pants, me, Jessica, lil sis, Ashley & Dave going to Tao on night one (I LOVE Tao - I think it's my favorite club in Vegas!)

Jessica & I


We took a limo to breakfast at Peppermill. How cool are we?! (but seriously - with 10 people it's much more cost efficient taking a limo than taking three cabs!) Best breakfast ever.

After breakfast, a bunch of us walked back to our hotel and stopped to play beer pong. I maaayyy have gotten a little too drunk this day and wasn't able to go out at night. Whoops :(

Dinner at Margaritaville - lil' sis got a balloon '21' made by a Santa on stilts!

Jessica & I

Jessica, lil' sis & I being silly in a cab en route to Surrender

Lil' sis was obsessed with these glow sticks they gave out to dance with!

Lil' sis - isn't she cute?! And so grown up!

Lil sis, me & Jessica

Such pretty Christmas decorations everywhere (and giant!)

Pants, Lisa, Ashley, lil' sis, Dave & I at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign! (the lighting sucked...sorry!)

The view from our hotel room tacos from the Cheesecake Factory

This polar bear decoration was made of real flowers!!

It's so pretty at night with all the lights!
We had a 7:15am flight home this morning so we thought it was a brilliant idea to simply not sleep last night after going out. We just rolled in back to the hotel around 4, packed and got a cab to the airport. Here we are, dying while waiting for our flight...We were NOT a lively crew this morning. Remind me next time to book a later flight...


  1. looks like such a great time shan! Jen is so adorable! LOVE her red dress! and I love the Vegas picture with all of you!!