Sunday, January 27, 2013

birthday cake.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it was Lindsay's birthday, so on Friday Heidi & I made dinner to celebrate it and we FINALLY got to meet her 'new' boyfriend! Heidi also made these adorable pink cupcakes for Lindsay: (they tasted even better than they looked - cream cheese icing & all!)

Lindsay blowing out her candles accompanied by Mr. Jack
Yesterday was Jessica's birthday so my cute little siblings took it upon themselves to bake her a cake with her favorite fishy on it - Nemo. I came home 3/4 of the way through the process so I didn't do a whole lot, but I did help!!

We googled 'how to draw Nemo' & my sister followed a tutorial...we didn't have  much faith in being able to do this on a cake but as you will see below, she did it quite well!!

Making Nemo color orange icing is a challenge with food coloring we learned...

See - I helped! I iced cupcakes!

They got fancy & made a marble cake

Ocean blue icing being applied

My cupcakes - Heid, you were my inspiration, but I had to use ziploc bags for the application process! Not so fancy...

NEMO! Jessica loved it :)
PS - did you hear about the fire at the club in Brazil? Sad & crazy....

PPS - I want to make this easy marinara sauce for pasta


  1. Your siblings baked a cake or do you mean sister?
    I will need proof to see if Matt was involved!!!!

    1. HAHAHA! He did help, I think I do have photos...AND I think it was actually his idea surprise surprise!

  2. WHOA!! that's amazing!!!! and the ziploc worked so well! niiiiice!! mmm :)