Wednesday, January 30, 2013

happy february

Is it almost February?! Where on earth did the time go? Oh man... that dreadful time around the 14th of February is coming up soon and stores are in full fledged marketing mode for it. I plan on going to Boston Pizza for heart shaped pizzas with my sis (& anyone else who wants to come!), like I did last year, but minus baby Sophie since she's back in Toronto.

Did you guys know I love babies?! My cousin Graham & his wife Julia had a BABY BOY a few days ago - Linden Elliot Bradley! I think my grandpa is excited to have a boy in the family to carry on the Bradley last name. ANDDDD.... my friend Christy-Dawn's brother Jason and his wife Stephanie had a BABY GIRL yesterday - Kaelyn Elianne Boileau!!! I can't wait to meet them both - I saw some pictures and they are both pretty darn cute; although I am sure MUCH cuter in person! (don't worry - there will be photos of both once I go visit!)  Babies are seriously such an exciting part of life - who doesn't love a good baby snuggle?!

On another note, I baked cookies on Monday with this recipe - check it out, they are HEALTHY cookies!!  Well, there's still butter & sugar BUT I will tell you a secret - there's carrots in them! I think you could even improvise with the recipe and add cranberries, or other dried fruit perhaps? That'd add a bit of sweetness & crunch which would be good.

I read a blog called "A Cup of Jo" and she does a lovely list of things "from around the web" on her Friday posts & I loooove reading through all the fun things she find. Check out this week's; there is some fun stuff she found! I loved the article about Google's female employees maternity leave.

Even though I am not in the market for a new job currently, I am always on the hunt for cool job postings. You never know what you might come across for yourself or for anyone else! I am constantly sending people job postings. I love the CivicInfo website which has municipal postings on it; any other good sites people look through?!

Oh. My. Gosh. I went to Whole Foods on Cambie & Broadway for lunch yesterday and the salad bar was the Best. Thing. Ever. Everything was amazingly fresh and there was everything you could ever imagine to put on salads, plus some! I put so much on my salad: edamame, kale, cabbage, marinated mushrooms, tofu, eggplant, quinoa, pecans, squash, corn, onions...the list could continue for a while. It was so delicious!! However, it was not so oh-so-fantastic salad was about $15. Totally worth it, but I definitely can't turn this into a regular lunch time occurrence. A girl I work with has an inside family joke & calls the store "Whole Paycheque" - I enjoyed that! (so true!)

I worked out of Tong Louie today which was exciting to be back in my old stompin' grounds. As much as I don't mind my new commute, a quick 15 minute drive is kinda nice once in a while!

Hope everyone is having a great day :)


  1. i made healthy cookies too!!! i threw everything in them- sunflower seeds, cranberrys, molasses, (choco chips), walnuts, coconut....haha they r yummy! i want your carrot cookie recipe! mmm! and LOVE a good salad bar...mmm!! i am constantly wishing there was a drive through salad bar place...

    1. The recipe is in this post somewhere! :) Send me yours!! (did you use one?!) I wished I had more types of nuts or cranberries for mine but no dice.