Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had dinner tonight with a friend from high school that I literally haven't seen in ten years! It was crazy to talk about how old we are getting... high school was already TEN years ago??! Where has the time gone? Crazy.

We had dinner at The Eatery, which is on Broadway & Alma. It's this super funky sushi restaurant that has a lot of quirk and spunk. We had to wait for about 15 - 20 minutes to get a seat but the menu is really interesting. It has typical sushi items (except with fun, unique names), as well as some other dishes. Apparently there is even a DJ there on the weekends! I'd recommend it not only for the good sushi rolls & ah-mazingly excellent tuna tempura, but a fun atmostphere.

Another good classic restaurant, and personal FAVE is Browns Socialhouse and they are the Groupon for the day! I bought a few since they are such good deals and I end up going there quite frequently. Coincedentally, one of my favorite items there is the dynamite roll. Oh, and of course the social sodas! Sushi and drinks; what more can you want in a restaurant?!

JC is home - hooray!! She has been working on cruise ships for a while now and is only back for a few weeks; then off on a vacation to Colombia & Ecuador... SO JEALOUS! It's been lovely to see her while she is back since I miss her lots when she is away. Her and I went to the gym together yesterday and then had dinner with lil' sis and Dave at the aforementioned Browns. That's right, you heard me correctly, I WENT TO THE GYM! Proud? I am! I did cardio for half an hour. It's a start!

After dinner, I really wanted to lay in bed and watch a movie. Remember the good ol' days of renting movies from Blockbuster? I loved the fun, eventful-ness of going to the actual store and picking one out, then buying candy at the checkout and going home to watch it. There just really isn't the same excitement of "renting a movie" when it means you simply charge it to your credit card and buy it off iTunes... Alas, I watched the Five Year Engagement and it was pretty cute.

Lastly, check out this cover letter that became a hit on Wall Street! Pretty funny & VERY bold.

Hope everyone had a great few days!

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