Sunday, January 6, 2013

life skills

I found this article on the Huffington Post about the life skills you should learn by the time you are 40. It's pretty interesting since they are fairly basic things but things we don't necessarily think about:

  • how to delegate
  • how to comfort someone
  • how to spot a good opportunity
  • how to make conversation at parties
  • how to end a friendship
  • how to stay in touch
  • how to not sweat the small stuff
  • how to not embarrass yourself at karaoke
  • how to make new friends at any age
  • how to forgive yourself
  • how to tell a secret
  • simple ways to look polished
  • how to let go of anger
  • how to say goodbye to a loved one
  • how to listen better
  • how to buy great wine
  • how to laugh at life

Like them?  I do! I especially like 'how to laugh at life' since I think it's important to be able to have fun in anything you do.

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