Sunday, January 13, 2013


I found a recipe on Pinterest that I to made for dinner this evening: spinach & ricotta stuffed shells.  Except, apparently Price Smart in Fleetwood doesn't carry pasta shells (like in the recipe photo) or anything stuff-able besides manicotti & cannelloni shells. So, manicotti it was! I just doubled the recipe for the stuffing and stuffed it in the other shells which worked totally fine. I added a few red & green peppers to the sauce though for some extra veggies; I also didn't use the chorizo sausage that this recipe called for.

Where it turned out quite well, it's definitely a challenge of your kitchen abilities to be able to cook the manicotti shells to the right softness/hardness! I think I did it well in the end, but there were a few I had to throw out because they were super al dente in some spots. Not sure how that worked but oh well! I still had tons of shells leftover to stuff. Lots of variations you could do on this dish too - add ground beef, add other veggies...

In other news... 

Remember the Sweet Valley High books? From when I was in approximately grade eight? My friend Lara from work told me that there's a SEQUEL!!! It shows the crew ten years later...I am definitely going to need to read them!

One of the blogs I read regularly is expecting baby #2

Kwantlen is giving four honorary degrees & one is to the CEO of the YWCA in Vancouver.

I used this recipe to make stuffed mushroom caps on Friday & they were yummy!

My sis discovered that the Palms Hotel in Vegas has a 'Barbie Fantasy Suite'... 

A pretty wedding

A hilarious YouTube video that pokes fun of Instagram (I'm totally guilty of all of these...)

A bowling alley wedding

Love this pillow

What's everyone up to this weekend?

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my cushion!!

    I am so excited about the SWH sequel too, I loved those books so much when I was growing up :)