Friday, January 4, 2013

twenty thirteen

You would think with so much time on my hands that I'd blog more often, but I just realized it's almost been a week! Weird.

Is everyone else still accidentally writing '2012' as the date? Always weird to change that habit each year. Hope everyone rang in the new year well - I am not a big new years event fan as I feel that it is SO overrated. It is just another night where places charge way more than they normally do and there is so much pressure to find the 'most fun' thing to do. I always say this and never plan anything but then last minute am scrambling to find something so I am not bored at home....! It never fails.

This year, my siblings and I hung out with some friends at a pub. We were out quite late, which didn't work in our favor since we had a wedding to go to the next morning! I do love weddings, but was a little on the tired side for this one! It was beautiful & great though.

Hope everyone is having a lovely 2013 so far! 

The Spier siblings

Me, Jessica & her sister

Little sister & I at midnight

Pants & his super cool new years hat that left sparkles allllllll over him

The wedding - it was so sweet that they had their kids as their wedding party!

The bride & groom

A little gangnam style dancing to wrap up the night....

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  1. Wow, thats a first. I don't think I have ever been caught on camera dancing. It's really not my thing. ;)