Thursday, January 24, 2013

what's new?

Yay hockey is back! The above photo explains what hockey season means to me: social outings with yummy drinks & nachos. This giant fishbowl drink was on special at Steamworks on Saturday night.

This is my buddy Jack. We went for a walk on Monday to get coffee (& a delish cinnamon bun!) at the Stomping Grounds Cafe which is super close to Heid's new casa.

If you haven't tried Menchies, you simply haven't lived. It's essentially make-your-own-frozen-yogurt-sundaes. So good. And who remembers the circus animal crackers?! (pink & white with polka dots) I used to eat them at my grandparents allllll the time as a kid. Memories!
Our friends at 7-11 are getting re-branded...
...and bringing retro colors & fonts back. Kinda cool!

Check out these super cool U.S Air Force photos

 PS - what one woman learned from spending a year in prison. Her book, called "Orange is the New Black" would be interesting!

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