Thursday, February 7, 2013

interesting thingers

A restaurant in Washington is giving discounts for well-behaved children! Not going to lie, it is super annoying when there is rowdy/loud/disobedient children sitting near me in a less-family friendly restaurant...I mean, I can appreciate children, of course, but extremely poorly behaved ones is frustrating. My mother always says: "I can't wait to see you have children!!" (so true...)

The Ocean Beach in White Rock is closing!! It's been sold to new owners, the Joseph Richards Group, who also have a bunch of other restaurants/lounges/clubs around town. It's still going to be a similar type venue, but so weird that it's not going to be the 'OB'...good memories there!

A quick video on how to save iPhone battery life - something I am constantly on the hunt to try to do...

Think we should be able to text 911?! I kind of like the idea in all honesty!! I mean, let's face it, texting is a new reality and in the event of an emergency, has the potential to be easier to do for some people. However, I can also see the negatives of this in that accidental texts could be sent (as I am sure there are a ton of 'pocket dial' accidental calls currently!) and there are the downfalls in that the 911 operator can't hear the tone of the person calling and whatnot. So, I'm intrigued by this concept...not 100% sold but think it has potential!!

Coming from a huge fan of men & women email differently at work? (my opinion: YES!!)

Did you know it's National Cupcake Day on February 25th? And that it supports the SPCA?! Love it! 

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