Wednesday, February 20, 2013

no-spend wednesday!

As much as I hate to admit it, I am on a bit of a budget. And that is definitely not a bad thing. I must admit, money-related things are not my specialty.

A typical day in the life of Shannon begins with spending either $1.79 at Tim Hortons for coffee, or $4.40 at Tim Hortons for coffee and a bagel. Again, I hate to admit it, but it's just soooo easy. And who doesn't love convenience?! Since it is my favorite season of the year, Roll Up the Rim season (RUTR), I luckily won a coffee yesterday when I rolled my rim. So, I made toast at home for breakfast this morning and used my winnings to get coffee en route to work. I brought a lunch to work with me (which I have actually been doing quite a lot lately) and didn't spend money on anything else all day! I was quite happy with myself since a day doesn't normally go by where I don't spend at least my Tim Hortons amount. Then, when I rolled my rim today, I won ANOTHER coffee! Hopefully this cycle can continue! I am 2/4 in my RUTR winnings - 50% probability of winning at this rate - check out this guy who tracked his RUTR winnings via an Excel spreadsheet!!

On another note, how cute are these grilled cheese croutons from this recipe book?! (seen on this blog) I totally want to make these sometime.

I la-la-love the colorful balloons in this wedding photo: (not sure if I would actually do it or not, but super cute in theory!!)

Loving this watercolor image from Pinterest:

And to wrap up, a lovely little inspirational quote for when the goin' gets tough:

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