Tuesday, February 19, 2013

oh, baby!

I got to meet baby Kaelyn this evening! She is my friend Christy-Dawn's niece and three weeks old as of today. She is an all around super duper cute baby, has adorable little eyelashes and makes the greatest baby coo-ing noises. She also has a fabulous, loving family who will treat her amazingly. Isn't it a fantastic feeling holding a newborn baby?! Congratulations Jason & Steph!!

As a side note: don't mind the iPhone photos below! Since I am feeling so unproductive in life these days, maybe I should take up photography?! I do end up doing a lot with my photos; nothing terribly crazy but they end up on here & other social media quite frequently.  It IS a bucket list item actually...

Kaelyn & I (like how I am rockin' my YMCA Strong Kids campaign shirt?!)

Kaelyn & her grandma

Big yawns with her dad

Christy-Dawn & Kaelyn


  1. Wonderful post, Shannon! Your right, she is just all around cute and adorable. You spoiled her so much :)


    1. I love when people comment so thanks buddy ;) She is way too cute!

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    1. Aww you are welcome Kaelyn! Thanks for the blog comment ;)