Friday, February 15, 2013

oh, valentines day...

Happy day-after Valentines Day! For the record, I think it's a fairly stupid day...regardless, it was a regular day for me and didn't result in any tears thankfully. (haha)

Thursdays are my early days at work so I start at 8 am, meaning I need to leave by house by about 6:50 to ensure I get coffee and miss the bridge traffic. I didn't get much sleep the night before (about 4 hours - my own fault!!) so I was a little sleepy. Work was normal, and then I came home and had a nap. Who doesn't love a good nap?! The only downfall is waking up again...I tend to be a little grumpy when I wake up post-nap. Then my sister, Amanda & I went to Boston Pizza for heart-shaped pizzas, which is turning into a bit of a tradition! (and, more of last year's V-day) It was super fun and we all survived the "singles awareness day".

My week has been pretty special. I had an non-fixable flat tire on Tuesday (after already waking up late) so that is never fun, especially given my past experiences with flat tires. You'd think I should be a pro by now dealing with them since I've had so many...nope. Never fun dealing with car things, plus never fun spending $500 on stupid pieces of rubber. More on the tires below via photos...

I was off work today (& am off tomorrow as well) so I have a 4 day weekend - wahoo! What on earth will I do with all this time?!

My heart shaped veggie pizza! Love it.

Amanda & I got heart martinis. They tasted like medicine - so gross but so cute.

My Valentines gift from Amanda - a fishy phone case! So fun!

This was my Valentines gift from Tim Hortons - a Tims sticker. Where to put it?!

And THIS cutie is my buddy Jack that Heidi sent me! So so so adorable!

Here is my very, very flat tire and my very, very helpful daddio putting the spare on

So embarassing driving with a spare tire the size of a peanut....

Good thing my sister was on reading break this week & was able to loan me "the hot rod"!! This is a picture of Pant's big white truck (left) and little sisters "hot rod" (right). The hot rod is quite a long story; it was Dylan's, then he gave it to JC, who gave it to little sister while she is away on cruise ships, and now I drove it for a week. It's a pretty, uh, special ride... but I was grateful for it nonetheless!!

And here are my beautiful (?!) new tires!! I was originally going to go to a tire place in Bellingham but found a better deal that was closer to me through a guy I work with at Tire Stop in Vancouver.

They also did an oil change on my car for me (yay - it was so long overdue) and then I came home and washed her up.

It was gorgeous & sunny out today! A nice day for a drive in a clean, newly tire-d car with sunnies on & the windows down.

Oh ya! I made veggie lasagne for dinner tonight. I even made my own tomato sauce, however it was really runny & I wouldn't really recommend it unless you have a lot of time. The lasagne was pretty good; we put so many veggies in - zucchini, carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions, spinach & corn. Yum!
Have you heard of the latest dance trend? I don't get it.

The Aquarium needs volunteer scuba divers to help research lingcod

Follow along with my friend Christa's "Big House Renovation"!

As seen on the Shark Tank, a custom sushi joint called "How Do You Roll?" 

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