Monday, February 11, 2013

the weekend.

Happy long weekend friends! Coincidentally, the weekend is also the name of one of favorite bands right now, except they are spelled 'weeknd'. (This is my favorite song of thiers right now.)

Today was BC's first Family Day so the YMCA held a family event with breakfast, bouncy castles, swimming and other fun stuff. Alas, I worked today on my usual day off plus now statutory holiday. Not to fear - I get two days off in lieu of working today; so I am off Friday through Monday this coming weekend! Yay! Our event today actually went quite well considering we've never held it before and we weren't sure about the turnout. I think we ended up having over 400 come specifically for the event today. What did you & your families get up to on this fabulous new stat holiday?! (I mean, seriously, who doesn't love an extra paid day off work?!)

We welcomed another baby into the world yesterday - Eliza & Justin had a baby boy!! He is about 4 weeks early but still weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches long; he does need to be in the incubator though. Sadly we didn't get to snuggle him yesterday when he was born!! Can't wait to do so!!! Check him out below: (so cute, right?!)

Not yet named baby Liebregts :)

Speaking of cute, my sister tried on my mom's wedding dress! We had a good laugh. We actually decided it would have a lot of potential if we just removed the long sleeves...and then maybe one of us will wear it to get married in!
Amanda & I went to Joey's on Friday night downtown (in hopes of meeting suit-clad, single, gorgeous businessmen) and this was my dinner: sashimi tuna salad & mushroom soup. Joey's seriously has the BEST mushroom soup ever. I crave it all the time!! This salad was reaaaalllly good as well.

Amanda's dinner at Joey's - mushroom soup & lobster grilled cheese. She thinks it's to die for; I am not a huge fan of the sandwich. I think I am not a huge lobster fan...

Pants, lil' sis & I went to Rogers Arena for the Canucks SuperSkills competition on Sunday. It's really cheap tickets ($10) for a few hours of entertainment. Plus, we parked at Science World and it was a lovely, sunny walk.

The gang!


  1. congrats eliza and justin!!!!!! and your mom's dress has such a beautiful skirt!

  2. congrats eliza and justin!!!!!! and your mom's dress has such a beautiful skirt!