Friday, March 22, 2013

books on my shelf.

I currently have a stack of books on my bedside table that are my list of "read soon" books. All of them I have such an interest in so why on earth can't I bring myself to read them?! I used to LOVE reading every single night before bed (and any other time I could read) but now I for some reason don't want to read. What is wrong with me?! HELP!

Here are the books I have really, really good intentions of reading soon:

From top to bottom:

1. Sweet Valley High Confidential - the "ten years later" of Sweet Valley that I am about 3/4 completed. (just a little guilty pleasure to remind me of the good ol' high school days!)

2. The Guide to PCOS - a syndrome that I am trying to learn more about so I bought a book.

3. Outliers - a Malcolm Gladwell book about success given to me upon completion of my "practicum" at school from an instructor.

4. Onward - the Starbucks book that I am also about 3/4 completed...and have been 3/4 completed for about a year....whoops!

5. Talent Masters - a required reading from school that I am about half way done; in various chunks. I read some random parts for a paper I was writing and do want to read it from start to finish!

6. Moloka'i - my mom gave me this book and again, I am about 1/2 way through and I actually do want to know what what happens! (again, so why can't I bring myself to continue reading it??!) It's about a girl who gets leprosy in Hawaii in the 1890's and her & her family's struggle with it.

7. The ROI of Human Capital - another required reading for school that I have only read random parts of....

8. Retooling HR - yet another required reading for school that I read random parts of! (sorry Duane...)

9. Confessions of a Wedding Planner - my daddio bought me this book since I am slightly wedding-obsessed...

So, seriously friends - where should I start? I need a strategic plan here. Start with all of the ones I am already partially completed and then go from there? I think that's a good way to go at this. Any other suggestions? Why aren't I in love with reading right now like I used to be?!

PS - I am really sad that my iPhone camera isn't working well these days. I think there must be a scratch on the lens because all of the photos get a slightly blurry corner. You can see in the book photo above that the bottom of the photo is blurry... I am bummed. I take so many photos on my phone!! :( 

PPS - Pants & I made fish tacos for dinner last night! (again, see how the photo is blurry in the corner??)


  1. 1. what if you remove them from your bedside so it doesn't look so intimidating and just pick one that you are 3/4 of the way through? for me anyway, if something seems too big...i'll avoid it.
    2. iphone not working ? it looks like're right on track ;)
    3. pizza dough is raising...again...i'll make you a pizza to read with your book.
    4. happy birthday week!!!!!!!

    1. That's a very good might be a bit intimidating that I have the giant I'll have to work on it!!


  2. Sweet Valley Confidential...what a ridiculous book!!! I LOVED it!!! You HAVE to read the e series, it's even worse!!

    I would be interested to know what you learn about PCOS!

    1. Hahaha it really was a ridiculous book...!!! But so entertaining ;)

      I will definitely share what I learn about PCOS! Sadly I don't think I will be reading it next. I've told myself I have to finish all of the books that I've already started before I begin any more... :( If you want to borrow it when I'm done let me know!!