Wednesday, March 20, 2013

days of my life

I am aware this photo sucks, however... I made this tortellini last night & it was super yummy. The sauce was canned tomatoes, cream cheese, basil & some other spices. I saw the recipe somewhere and now can't find it for the life of me...whoops. It tasted just like creamy tomato sauce (which I l.o.v.e.) but without typical heavy cream!

Amanda saw this banana mash mask on Dr. Oz so we tried it...

...does it look like we have less wrinkles yet?!

On tonight's menu: homemade Chinese food! I made chow mein, fried rice, beef & broccoli, szechuan beans and vegetable chop suey. Definitely not the same tasty-ness as when you get it from a restaurant, but pretty good.

I thought my beef & broccoli TOTALLY looked exactly like when you order it!

My bank has an app now - yay

Another lovely reminder about the choices we make.
Check out what I am planning on making for dinner tomorrow

The potential media stunt Lululemon pulled?

Gwenyth Paltrow has a new cookbook (plus an opinion on it...)

Want to work for the Canucks?!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


  1. YES. you and manda definitely have fewer wrinkles now ;)

    Lil sis.

    1. HAHAHHAHA thanks...totally right?? ;)