Thursday, March 7, 2013

life is tough.

Ever have moments, days or even weeks that seem like they will never end because they SUCK? That's happening to me currently. So, let's talk about the good things in life, shall we?

Heidi & I took mister Jack swimming on Monday for his first time. He did really well; besides going underwater...that he didn't like too much... but we will keep working on it!

I had a lovely dinner date with Heidi & Binzy last night. We usually have nachos, but yesterday we fancied it up by doing wine and cheese, accompanied with roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, jam & almonds. It was almost TOO good. Oh, and some lovely white wine.

Now, for some inspirational images:

Courtesy of this gal

Courtesy of Citizen Grace
And of course, some interesting things for ya: 

This Becel commercial warms my heart a lot

This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie I'm currently watching (because it's totally where she falls for him)

And, just for fun, read about Marissa Mayer's huge bonus....


  1. I'm sorry life sucks for you right now!!! HOpefully things start looking up soon. I love reading your blog and the random links you post:)

    1. Thank you for commenting - I get so excited having comments on my blog!! (I know you know the feeling!) Thanks also for being positive :)