Sunday, March 31, 2013

long weekend

I feel kind of bad that Easter to most people (including myself!) automatically means a long weekend...however it IS very nice to be able to relax, hang out with the family and have a yummy dinner. It also really helps that this weather is freaking gorgeous....hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

Our spread for dinner. Instead of the usual brussell sprouts my momma made green beans & mushrooms. My fave! (although I do really enjoy brussell sprouts too!)

We had whipping cream for our angel food cake dessert & were reminded of when we were kids and used to go to my Oma & Opa's for dinner every Sunday. This is what we used to get on our hands when the whipping cream came out for dessert there! So, just for fun, we did it for little sister.

My Grandpa brought chocolates for everyone & I got the carrot since I'm a vegetarian - haha! I loved it!

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