Wednesday, March 27, 2013

oh 28...

Yesterday, I turned 28...for whatever reason, as I creep towards 30, birthdays scare me. I just don't love them like I used to!! I had dinner with my family on Sunday at the Boathouse in White Rock and yesterday spent the day cookin' up some homemade pasta with Heidi which was super duper fun. And then I topped it off with a few drinks with my siblings and a few friends. And naturally, below are some photos of it all!

My salmon topped with a lobster & mushroom sauce at the Boathouse (to die for)

My little brother bought be flowers for my birthday! (there's a first for everything!)

The beginning of pasta making! Heidi did all the leg work while I did this....

...way more fun than kneading dough right?! Baby snuggles!!

We made 'stained glass pasta' which is pasta with herbs inside the dough.

We both have blogs & both love to photograph food WAY too much

We made some ravioli and some fettucine

Pesto sauce with roasted cherry tomatoes

Spinach salad with beets, feta and walnuts

Food photo shoot: a photo in a photo! Heidi took WAY better photos than I did; check out her post & beautiful photos here

The DELICIOUS meal (accompanied by a little white wine...why not?)

...and the result of the final meal!

Thanks to EVERYONE who gave me well wishes for my birthday - it is VERY much appreciated!! I am lucky to have great people in my life that care so much :) xoxo


  1. i LOVE this post! what are you talking about! your photos are ahead of their time on one hand (instagram) and lagging on the other (hello eighties!) ;) love ya!

    1. Thanks for seeing the beauty in these photos!! Much appreciated ;)

  2. i NEED THAT PICTURE of you and Jackman! It's precious!!!!!