Saturday, March 30, 2013

sam & ben

I am cat-sitting some adorable kittens (Samantha & Ben) this gorgeous weekend in White Rock! They are seriously way too cute and cuddly. I have taken quite a significant amount of photos of them...Oh! Remember how I said my iPhone had a scratch on it and was taking bad photos lately?? Turns out I am just crazy and didn't notice a film on the lens from when I got the back screen on my phone replaced recently...whoops!! So it's all good now - yay!

This is Sam & I - I was trying to take a cute one of the two of us but she turned as I was taking it...hence my silly face...

Benny cat-napping in the sun

They love this toy! The ball just spins around and they paw at it for forever.

Sam & I snuggled on the couch allllll morning. It was lovely!

Benny striking a pose for me as I do a photo shoot

Yesterday I went to Fatburger for the first time ever & had the most amazing veggie burger! Definitely a must-try.

Then, I sat on the patio of Sam & Ben's house and admired the lovely day it was
I made lasagne on Thursday - it had sauteed spinach & onions, ricotta cheese, diced tomatoes, and pesto in it. Pretty yummy! I slightly overcooked it since last time I made lasagne it was kinda soupy; so this was a bit of the opposite. I need to perfect my lasagne cooking time!!

I had a nacho night last night with Heidi, Binzy & Christina. This is Christina & Jack. Always a lovely time with these ladies. xo
Happy Easter! Hope everyone is having a great long weekend :)

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