Sunday, March 3, 2013

short nails.

I type this post with super short, hot pink nails, which is so weird considering I have had my lovely, French manicured, long acrylic nails for so long!! It is a money saving tactic, plus it's a good break for my nails to have some fresh air. Who knows how long this will last, but it's a good change for now. It's bizarre how such a small change can make typing feel so strange! It's like when you are using someone elses keyboard - nothing has changed, but it feels so different.

I haven't blogged in one whole week - also weird! I sometimes go through phases where I feel like my life isn't very exciting and I have nothing interesting to report here and that's kinda how I felt this week. But, now that it has been one whole week I can think of a few blog-worthy topics to chat about! Yay! Of course, my trusty iPhone photos accompany my stories:

My nails as of today! Pants & I were on a walk with Emma whilst my nails dried - I am not a very good nail painter sadly...

Last Sunday we went to a baby shower for my cousin Julia & Graham's new little guy Linden who is super adorable. This is my grandma & her great grandson!

Julia & Linden doing a little photo shoot

He looked right at us, was happy and then...

...not so happy! How are babies even so cute when they cry?!

I had a slight phone boo-boo on Wednesday. I dropped it smack down on its front on the cement sidewalk. Whoops. I had to find a guy on craigslist to replace the screen that night... I actually got him to replace the back as well since it has had a crack in it for a while. It was $80 for the front & back which was a bit lame since it's a significant amount of money, but it was better than the alternative of getting glass in my fingers!!

I went to visit my friend Jalene who used to work at the YMCA with me (for many years!!) and this is her new puppy Townes. He is an English Spring Spaniel, is so soft and is 10 weeks old. So darn cute!!

This is Emma feeding her caffeine & Roll Up The Rim addiction. She's crazy.

Tonight Amanda & I went to visit her friend Francene who has a 3 year old (Isaiah - pictured with Amanda) as well as a new 3 week old baby - Elijah. Isaiah had a lot of energy so we played with him all afternoon & thought it would be fun to teach him the Wobble dance! He actually could do it a bit which was pretty entertaining.

As you know, one of my favorite activities is finding fun things online to share here for you, so here are some:

I'm going to this always-fun fundraiser this Friday! (check out my pics from last years here)

Super bright fun-colored luggage (jelly bean green is my fave!) (seen here)

The part of a vacation  that has the highest effect on true! (also seen here!)

How food makes employees happier 

Learn about & donate to the YMCA Strong Kids campaign

Notes from a Parisian kitchen

Groupon's CEO was recently fired (plus a bunch of other great resignation letters)

Is this model TOO skinny?

Changes are on the way for Olive Garden  (mmm...breadsticks!)

Lastly, a very cool, unique travel photography series

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