Wednesday, March 27, 2013

thing post!

I saw a movie this evening (this one - SO SO SO good! Go see it!) and I really enjoy seeing trailers before the feature film even starts. I love being able to look forward to more movies in the future! I will defs be seeing this movie (likely with my dad & sis due to the genre) and this one looks like it might be scary but intriguing.

What movies have you seen recently that you liked or are going to see? I saw Admission last weekend and it was pretty cute! It actually has more of a story line that it appears to from the trailer which was nice. I enjoyed it thoroughly for a cute, light movie.

Did anyone see Saturday Night Live when Justin Timberlake hosted last week? This performance of JT and Jay Z was ah-maze-ing. They are really, really talented men and this was a fantastic rendition of their new song.

The comedian Gerry Dee is coming to Vancouver!! I think I have blogged about his TV show, Mr. D a while back, so I can only imagine that him as a comedian would be hilarious. Anyone want to go with me?! (it's in December)

There is going to be a Cactus Club in Langley! Yay! Also, someone told me that South Surrey was getting a Joey's but I can't find any confirmation on that...anyone know anything?!

Mumford & Sons will be playing at Holland Park on May 24! They are pretty great - this is one of their most popular songs these days.

I have been trying to like caesers these days, because they come with pickles or other great things, and saw this article on caesers that have gone too far with the toppings. I don't know about you, but that's the best part to me so the more the merrier! Oh and read this article to learn when one restaurant is doing to embarrass people who don't show up for their reservation...

Last but not least...check out Amanda & I signed up for...Ah! We bought a Groupon and figured why not?!

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