Sunday, April 14, 2013

a classic: grandma's macaroni

My poor little sister has still not been feeling great at all! In the past week, she has seen 5 different doctors, been to hospital twice, had blood taken 4 times, had a lumbar tap done, had a CT scan done, had IV antibiotics administered for a few days and taken umpteen varieties of medication from home. And they still aren't totally sure what's wrong with her!! The most likely diagnosis is cervical adenitis, which is infection of the lymph nodes. She seems to be getting maybe a teensy bit better as of today, but it's a slow process! She's been quite a tough cookie though and will definitely pull through ;)

...yes, I am the mean sister who takes photos of her in her misery! It's fun to look back on right?!

In other news, on top of being Nurse Shannon, I've been cooking & baking lots! It's a good occupier of my spare time right now; and I think my family appreciates it.

Enchiladas (this picture does not do them justice, as my sister said...)

Banana & Blueberry muffins

I learned the family secret recipe to make Grandma's Macaroni today! (well, it might not be secret but I just didn't know it...) This is a huge hit in our house. My grandma used to make it for my mom & her siblings growing up (hence where the name came from in our family!) and now my mom makes it for us quite frequently. We all really love it and it truly is a great comfort food. It's cheesy, pasta-y and has ripple chips crumbled on top. What more could you ask for?!

I bought a pair of earrings from my friend Christina's online store Citizen Grace. They came so fast in the mail (like three days fast!) and I am wearing them today. I really love them! They're a great fashionable day-to-day earring.
I've been painting my nails fun colors lately but am having serious troubles with not wrecking it two hours after I paint them. It seems that no matter how much time you sit around and let them dry, they always smudge a little!! It's so frustrating. Also, they chip within a few days which means I have to take the nail polish off and/or re-do them. Any advice?!

I had lunch with Christy-Dawn today (sushi - yum!) and she gave me a birthday gift. On top of the super cool license plate cover that says "Honda Maui", she also got me birthday cake Oreos. They are insanely delicious and totally taste like birthday cake!!! The entire box will definitely be gone very soon at this rate... I forgot to take a photo of the license plate cover as I was too enthralled with these darn cookies!!

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